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The Billy David Band: BIO

Billy David Millican - Singer/Writer

Billy David is a well traveled, inspirational singer / songwriter. His musical message and creative musical style has produced an album which transcends above most music genres. David, as he is known by his friends and associates, has put together musicians with many commercially successful projects who bring their own unique style and expertise to The Billy David Band.


Check out the upcoming full length release 'Can't Stop Lovin You' by the Billy David Band featuring the absolute finest of today's reggae and rock musicians! Great's like Santa Davis, Tony Chin, Fully Fullwood (Peter Tosh/Soul Syndicate), Mikey Hyde (Ziggy Marley(, Bunny Ruggs, Carlton Coffe, Selena Serrano, Gustavo Alarco, Jackie Bertone, Wade Youman (Unwritten Law), Chris Armes (Agent 51) and many more!

Full Length out December 1st! Be there.

Paul - Producer

Producer Paul Kastic drummer the Best

Paul Kastick - producer

producer drummer